XDash – Multiplication Race (Android App/Game)

I recently developed a simple educational Android game with the objective to improve my children’s math multiplication skill. After having fun with it for quite some time among families and close friends, I’ve decided to share the app it in the Google Play so that everybody can download and use it free.

I named this app XDash. The game is very simple. Players will be given 20 multiplication questions, and need to be answered correctly and as quickly as possible. The total time taken will be recorded and viewable in the top XDash Weekly and the All-Time charts.

A 12 years old in my local community (Selangor, Malaysia) managed to record 22.5 seconds which is quite impressive. Given that this application is now published worldwide, I hope that many children can easily beat that record.

The app is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ridinglinux.xdash Feel free to download try this app. If you think that this app can gives benefit to others, please rate it and share it to your friends. I accept comments and suggestions via the app?s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/XDashApp

UPDATE (19 July 2016)

Since published in December 2015, this app has generated lots of performance data of the players. I’ve prepared a web based portal at xdash.ridinglinux.org to display live data and statistics. I’m pleased to see the evidence of improvements with all the children who continue playing the game consistently. The chart below illustrates the time taken by a 10 years old kid in completing a series of math multiplication quizzes in the XDash Multiplication Game over several months with a total of 566 attempts.


Source http://xdash-web.ridinglinux.org/stat/person-graph?user_id=686


Screen Shots of XDASH