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Food Strainer – Your Wifi reception booster!

I recently moved to a new house. Everything went well apart from my telephone & internet line migration. As for now, the telco/ISP (the Malaysian TMNet aka TMNut) cannot do the migration process due to technical problems. Been whacking their customer service almost everyday but they seem to have a trick of looping our reports and complains into some kind of black hole. They responded with varies of reasons such as no ports available, faulty line ect..etc.. but none of them seems to make any sense.

I desperately need internet connection at home and luckily a neighbor who are a broadband subscriber willing to share his internet connection with me via Wifi. He already have a wireless AP installed at his home for personal use.

So I plugged in my USB wifi adapter and manage to connect to his AP.

My USB wifi adapter

But the signal is very sluggish which is expected due to the distance between our house. The link quality barely archive 50% and I got frequent disconnection.

Wifi before food strainer

Fortunately a few months back I’ve stumbled upon some funny trick of using food strainer to boost wireless signal. So this is the most suitable time try it out.

I bought myself a new food strainer for RM11.00 and I cut a little hole just about the size of my USB wifi body.

My New Food Strainer

Put the device through the hole

Wifi inside food strainer

Wifi inside food strainer 2

And… PRESTO!!!

Wifi after food strainer

Neat (ugly) huh… But it surely works. My connection is now very stable.

My desktop show off ! (pardon my old hardwares. I’m a cheap geek..)

My powerful desktop

***I’m now thinking of permanently unsubscribe my TmNut telephone/internet line 😉

AOL’s Active Virus Shield, the free version of Kaspersky Antivirus

Just to share with you guys,

For those who are looking for antivirus protection for your Windows machine,
you might have heard of Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) which is arguably the best
and most effective antivirus in the market nowadays.

I’m glad to inform you guys (who did not know yet) that this Kaspersky
antivirus is available for free with the name “Active Virus Shield”. This is
kind of old news but I believe some of us still didn’t aware about this
AOL’s Active Virus Shield

Even though the name is different, it is still KAV in the background and it
should be ways better compared to AVG and AVAST and even other commercial
antiviruses out there. (Yes, I hate norton & mc affee)

You will need to supply your email address in order to receive the activation
key. In the future you might receive a lot of marketing emails from AOL to
that particular email address as part of the agreement terms, so I advise
that you use your secondary email addresses such as yahoo or hotmail.

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