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How long have I been asleep?

…It has been quite a while since i last updated my blog. There are so many things going on in my life lately (in a good way) and I can say that I’m in a verge of a major shift of paradigm and perspective especially with regards to my career & future. And yes, Open Source is still the key element of it. 🙂

Recently I’ve been leading a project to implement a solution consisting of Nagios and OCS Inventory (with GLPI) fo a local company which have a large number of IT assets spreaded all over Malaysia. It was quite an experience and I can say the scale of the project is the largest I’ve been involved so far in my career. There are a lot of chalenges, hiccups, headaches and even frustations during the project but at the end everything completed successfully.

I will provide the details if I have spare time, so stay tuned for more updates

MAMPU pioneered OpenOffice adoption for Malaysian Government

Malaysian Administrative Modernisation And Management Planning Unit – MAMPU ( have recently making a bold move by introducing a policy to migrate to the open source productivity suite instead of the current widely used MS Office. The official adoption date will be on the 1st of April 2008 and the agency will also uninstall all copies of Microsoft Office by the end of 2008.

MAMPU Migrates to

Putrajaya, 19th March 2008 – The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), today officially adopts a policy to migrate to the open source productivity suite. This is in line with the Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Master Plan, which calls for government agencies to reduce costs, increase freedom of choice and interoperability.

From April 1st, MAMPU will start adopting the OpenDocument Format (ODF), standard for all new documents created. ODF the ISO open standard for electronic documents is also the default format for The agency will also uninstall all copies of Microsoft Office by the end of 2008.

To ensure a smooth migration, presently over 80 agency staff have been trained by the Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC). Additional staff will then be trained internally by the IT department, which will also provide support for

More info at

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MyFina – Web-based Personal Financial System

I’m releasing the source code and also live demo version of my application called MyFina.

MyFina is a simple web based personal finance and budgeting program for managing accounts and expenses. The system aimed at those who have little or no financial background to gain control over their money. The system supports multiple numbers of users. In making this software, the developer has attempted to make things as simple as possible, while still retaining enough functions to satisfy most home users.

More info at

This project has been registered at Sourceforge

MyGOSSCON 2007 – Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference

MyGOSSCON 2007 with the theme “Accelerate Open Source Software Adoption” was held on 6-7th December 2007 at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Malaysia. This event was initiated by the Malaysian Open Source Competency Center (OSCC), MAMPU with association by the Federation of
Malaysian Manufactures (FMM).

Various government agencies, private organizations and independent personnels participate throughout the event. The event successfully attracts a huge number of crowd who are mostly government employees and also peoples who are interested in Open Source movement.

The event was officially launched by Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Chief Secretary to the Malaysian Government. During the event, two new OSCC products were also officially launched

MyWorkSpace – Email Collaboration Suite
MyMeeting -Meeting Management System

More info at

I was involved with the event. It was really really tiresome but overall the event went smoothly. I’ve learned so many things throughout the event. Furthermore, I was one of the speakers during the event with my presentation titled “Virtualisation Facility For The Public Sector”.

Below are some photos taken during the event with courtesy of OSCC

OSCC Product Feature
Some of OSCC’s products featured during the event

One of the most attractive booth during the exhibition

MyGosscon 2007 Officiating Ceremony
The Officiating Ceremony

Me, During Presentation
Me, doing the presentation

The backbone of the event

News coverage on TV3 😉

Hello World

This is my first attempt of being a blogger. There are several reasons why I chose to setup my own blog particularly on linux subject. One of them is to share my experience and any findings that might be interesting or maybe valuable for my fellow visitors. Another reason is to keep all information documented for my own reference in the future. Apart from that I also would like to have any kind of critical feedbacks or ideas that will benefit everybody and myself along the journey. So, welcome to my blog and hopefully we can together ride the linux journey.