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Krusader – the Winscp alternative in linux

This is the follow-up of my previous posting regarding “Winscp in linux (KDE & Gnome)“. I’ve recently used a tool called Krusader ( This is the application that I found to be the closest match to WinSCP since they both are twin-panel file manager A.K.A orthodox file manager. Krusader have most of the features (maybe more) WinSCP had such as SSH/SCP connectivity, folder comparison and synchronization. Furthermore some of the hotkeys are pretty much alike.

From the official website

Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander. It provides all the file management features you could possibly want.

Some screen-shots of Krusader

The application interface

Krusader folder synchronization
Folder compare and synchronization

MsPaint alternatives in linux

I have to admit. Being a technical people with minimum knowledge of image or graphic editing, the mostly used image editor for me is Ms Paint (Microsoft Paint). I rarely use higher featured image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop simply because Ms Paint already fulfill my needs. All I want is a simple tool to do quick hack on images I’m working on such as creating pointing arrows on a desktop snapshots that will be used while authoring howtos for peoples I support.

So when I migrated to a linux desktop, I need MsPaint replacement as soon as possible. Peoples suggested Gimp but I found that Gimp is too complicated for my needs. It’s more suitable to be tagged as a open source replacement for Adobe Photoshop rather than Mspaint.

Luckily the packages that I need are truly existed in the linux world. Presenting KolourPaint and GNU Paint (gpaint).

Both programs acts mostly identical to ms paint especially Kolourpaint. Even though kolourpaint is built for KDE environment but I’ve tested it on Gnome and it works fine. The same goes for Gpaint where you can use it on KDE. To install both softwares, I suggest your all to use your distro’s package management such as Synaptic or apt get for Debian/Ubuntu based, urpmi for Mandriva and yum for Redhat or Fedora users. Search for ‘kolourpaint’ or ‘gpaint’ to find and install the software.

Below are some screenshots for Kolourpaint


And a screenshot of Gnu Paint


Winscp in linux (KDE & Gnome)

While using windows I mostly doing file transfers to & from any linux desktop/server by using Winscp. The application is quite handy and fulfill all my requirements. Now I have migrated to a linux desktop and of course Winscp is not an option anymore.

So, what can I use now? Luckily in linux, there are alternative approaches to use. These approaches might even better than using Winscp in windows mainly due to the ability browse remote folder within the same file manager view without depending on third party file management interface. Imagine browsing remote folders via SSH/SFTP protocol directly in your existing file manager (windows explorer) without needing to launch Winscp.

In KDE we can use fish. Simply launch your file manager, in this case ‘Konqueror‘. Type the below command in the location bar.

eg: fish://root@

The above command will open up SSH connection to the remote machine using the particular username.

Fish login box

Provide your password and…
Fish interface

You can now browse the remote machine and do any kind of modification you wanted as long as your account is permitted considering that not all of us could log in as root.

The above process is about the same if you are using GNOME. The file manager in GNOME which is called Nautilus also have the ssh tunneling capabilities. Simply open the file manager, hit Ctrl-L to open up location editor and type

eg: ssh://root@

Naulitus Ssh Access

Provide your password

Naulitus Ssh Authentication

Naulitus Ssh Browse


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