Getting Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG working on Opensuse 10.2

I’ve been asked to setup 2 IBM Thinkpad RSeries (Lenovo R60) notebooks. One with Ubunty Edgy and another with OpenSuse 10.2. Installation process running smoothly for Ubuntu where everything functioning as it should be. But for OpenSuse 10.2 I found one problem, the wireless adapter did not work.

ifconfig only list lo adapter along with eth0 which is the physical gigabit ethernet adapter.

result for lspci confirmed that the wireless adapter exist.

Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02) 15:00

I then use lsmod | grep 3945 to find out whether or not the driver was installed.

ipw3945 191520 0
ieee80211 34632 1 ipw3945
firmware_class 14080 2 pcmcia,ipw3945

So the driver is there. After done some googling, I found out that additional ‘non OSS’ packages need to be installed in order for the adapter to work.

So I launch Yast2 (Administration Interface) and select Installation Source to add ‘non-oss’ repository.


Select Add

I add the address below to make ‘non-oss’ packages available for installation
(you can use any other mirror if you want)

Some downloading activities will start. Once finished, the new repository will be listed as one of package source.


Click finish and you will be back to the Yast2 Control center main page.
This time select ‘Software Management’

Search for ‘ipw’. You will find 2 packages


Select both packages Click ‘accept‘ to install them

Packages will be downloaded and installed

After the installation process completed, exit the Software Management interface.

In the Yast2 main interface, select ‘Network Devices’ > ‘Network Card’

Since I’m so used to Ifup/Ifdown command, I select ‘traditional method with ifup’ when asked.


Select the wireless adapter and choose ‘edit’

Specify your network ip or leave it as it is if you have DHCP in your network environment.
Click ‘Next’.

After that you will need to specify your local wireless parameters and finishing the process.
Yast will restart your network services.

To make sure your wireless adapter is working, open terminal, then type ‘ifconfig’ and make sure eth1 is now listed.

If not, run command ‘ipw3945d’ to launch the PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Regulatory Daemon. Use ‘ifup eth1’ to turn on the eth1.

Another useful command is ‘iwlist eth1 scan’ to list out available wireless access-point in your network.

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